Residential Cleaning--


Power washing is one of the most affordable and simplest ways to improve the look, increase the value of your home and help protect your largest investment.

Large Equipment Cleaning--


Large equipment cleaning helps to maintain your expensive machinery and productivity for years to come. 

Solar Panel Cleaning--

Solar panels are designed to capture sunlight and then convert it to usable electricity, so anything that limits the ability of the panels to capture this sunlight will decrease the amount of generated electricity. Things such as rain, dust, urban pollution, and bird droppings can cloud these surfaces and affect their efficiency. Regularly cleaning not only increases their efficiency but also provides savings for the system owner. It is estimated that regular maintenance can provide up to 20% more efficiency.

Property Management services--


Paint preparation cleaning, Cleanouts, maintenance cleanings of buildings, pool decks and walkways.

Graffiti Removal and Old Gum Cleaning--


Walkways and sidewalks are often littered with gum and other hard to clean substances.  We turn up the heat to melt gum and graffiti away. 

Additional Services

Crowd Misting / Parade Misting at your event--



Based in the Central Valley where it gets REALLY hot, we provide a service to the crowds for festivals, fairs, car shows, drag races, corporate gatherings, company picnics, etc.


We offer cooling misters to the crowd at your event. Our services include a cool misting station and/or cooling misters that circulate through the crowd, staffed by professionals.


We offer full service hot water wash of commercial buildings/exteriors, commercial equipment, residential buildings/exteriors, walkways and driveways. We specialize in old gum and graffiti removal.


State of the Art  / High Tech washing equipment used to get you the best clean for your dollars.

• Fleet vehicles
• Heavy equipment
• Buildings
• Restaurants
• Shopping centers
• Parking lots
• Sidewalks
• Homes
• Driveways
• Pools
• Patios
• Decks
• Walls
• Fences
• Awnings
• Gum
• Oil
• Grease
• Dirt
• Algae
• Fungus
• Mold
• Bird droppings 
• Cob webs



  • 5/5 stars September 10, 2014

    "Working with Steve was smooth and easy, his positive attitude - contagious. Just this last weekend, Steve set up his power wash equipment at our Return to Kingdon event and wooed the crowd. I wish him the best of success."

    David A.,   in Lodi, CA


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Crowd and Event misting
Crowd and Event misting

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